Fiumicino How to book

1 Complete the booking engine:

Enter all the requested information about your trip: Airport location, vehicle typology, your Departure/Arrival Date and hour and click Book Now.

2 Additional info:

Fill in the additional information requested.

3 Add related products for a complete TerraExperience

4 Proceed to booking:
Enter your personal data or log in with a Facebook account. Your account will be automatically created. If you are already a registered user, please enter your login and password

5 Proceed to payment:

You can pay either using your credit card (visa, mastercard) or paypal account.

6 Manage your booking:

You can log in at any time to manage your booking: you will be able to check your bookings, modify your reservations if needed or contact us. For any concern regarding your booking, please contact us through your log-in page using the “new request” system.

7 Print your tickets and have a nice trip!